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Azure DevTest Labs: Share a public IP address across lab VMs
24 januar, 2017 – Azure DevTest Labs now enables lab VMs to share the same public IP address, to help you reduce cost and avoid exceeding your public IP address quota.
New T-SQL string functions in Azure SQL Database
23 januar, 2017 – New T-SQL string functions are available in Azure SQL Database.
Public preview: Interactive query experience for SQL data warehouses
20 januar, 2017 – You can experience an interactive query experience directly in the Azure portal.

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Exercise your greatest power as a developer
desember 22, 2016

To be a good developer is to be a perpetual learner; it is essential for survival. The problems you solve are always changing, but the programming languages, platforms, hardware, tools and technologies you use to solve them are either on their way in, evolving, or are on their way out.

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