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Video: Using SQL Azure Data Sync Service to provide Geo-Replication of SQL Azure databases

Publisert på 16 juli, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

In this second of a 3 part webcast series, Liam Cavanagh introduces the Data Sync Service for SQL Azure.  This service extends on the SQL Azure Data Sync tools’ ability to provide symmetry between SQL Server and SQL Azure where data changes at either location are bi-directionally synchronized between on-premises and the cloud.  With SQL Azure Data Sync Service, you can extended that capability to allow you to easily geo-distribute that data to one or more SQL Azure data centers around the world.  Now, no matter where changes happens to your data, it will be seamlessly synchronized to all of your databases whether that be on-premises or in any of the SQL Azure data centers. 

Video: View It