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    Serverfault에 HDInsight에 대한 최근 게시물이 없음

    Azure 피드백

    Azure 사용 경험을 바탕으로 한 아이디어나 제안 사항이 있나요?

    Low Priority (Spot) VM support in HDInsight

    Hey HDInsight team, I was excited to see that Azure announced spot pricing for VMs recently. It would be great to also have this type of low-priority VM pricing available for HDInsight worker nodes. Would greatly reduce my cost and allow me to move more workload to Azure (AWS EMR currently does support spot pricing which makes it more cost-competitive). Thanks!

    dark theme for jupyter

    Please add support for dark theme in jupyter on hdinsight cluster.

    Allow resize of Gateway node

    User love hive and user being user like to dump large data out from their hive connection, at the moment seems gateway that "build-in" into HDI cluster are limiting this capability. Please allow us to scale up the gateway node to bigger spec to support more concurrent and larger dataset.

    How to add debezium

    I was wondering how can I sync postgres database changes using kafka hdinsight? In our current kafka environment we are using devezium to produce the messages.

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