Azure Container Service—Kubernetes

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업데이트된 날짜: 2017년 5월 31일 수요일

There's a common thread among advancements in cloud computing—they'll enable a focus on applications rather than the machines running them. Containers, one of the most topical areas in cloud computing, will be the next evolutionary step in virtualization.

Companies of every size, and from all industries, will embrace containers to deliver highly available applications with greater agility in the development, test, and deployment cycle. Azure Container Service will be optimized for container applications. There are several improvements to Container Service, most notably that Kubernetes will soon be available as one of three choices of orchestrator.

Azure will be the only public cloud platform that'll provide a container service with the choice of the three most popular open source orchestrators available today. Container Service's approach of openness will be pivotal in driving the adoption of containers on Azure. Enterprises and startups alike will recognize the momentum around Container Service, as well as the benefits it'll bring to their applications including agile deployment, portability, and scalability.

Learn more about this and other improvements in this blog post.

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