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Azure App Service Domains and SSL with Ashish Kurmi

In this episode Chris Risner is joined by Ashish Kurmi, developer on the Azure App Service team. Ashish joins us to talk about adding custom domains and SSL certificates to Azure App Services. Ashish starts by demonstrating how to purchase a new Custom Domain from within the Azure portal. This is easily found by navigating to the Settings for your Azure App Service and finding Custom Domains and SSL. Purchasing a domain can be done completely within the Azure portal and makes use of GoDaddy's registrar services behind the scenes. Once a domain is purchased, it is a top level resource which can be used anywhere within Azure. Ashish also demonstrates using it with Traffic Manager. We also look at how to access advanced DNS settings from the portal. Ashish then goes into how to purchase, verify, and assign an SSL Certificate for your App Services.

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