Create Azure App Service Environment With An Web App Added.

게시자: CallumBrankin
마지막 업데이트: 2016-10-11

Creates an Azure App Service Environment inside A Virtual Network Subnet. This template also adds a Azure Web App inside the App Service Environment. Template originally authored by Callum Brankin of PixelPin

이 ARM(Azure Resource Manager) 템플릿은 Microsoft가 아니라 커뮤니티 구성원에 의해 만들어졌습니다. 각 ARM 템플릿은 Microsoft가 아닌 해당 소유자에 의해 사용이 허가됩니다. Microsoft는 커뮤니티 구성원에 의해 제공 및 라이선스가 부여된 ARM에 대해 책임이 없으며, 보안, 호환성 또는 성능을 검사하지 않습니다. 커뮤니티 ARM 템플릿은 Microsoft 지원 프로그램 또는 서비스에서 지원되지 않고, 어떠한 보증도 없이 있는 그래도 제공됩니다.

매개 변수

매개 변수 이름 설명
ASE-APP-SERVICE-APPWorkerSize App Service Worker Size
ASE-Location Location of the App Service Environment
ASE-ipSslAddressCount Number of IP addresses for the IP-SSL address pool.
ASE-frontEndSize Instance size for the front-end pool. Maps to P2,P3,P4.
ASE-frontEndCount Number of instances in the front-end pool. Minimum of two.
ASE-workerPoolOneInstanceSize Instance size for worker pool one. Maps to P1,P2,P3,P4.
ASE-workerPoolOneInstanceCount Number of instances in worker pool one. Minimum of two.
ASE-workerPoolTwoInstanceSize Instance size for worker pool two. Maps to P1,P2,P3,P4.
ASE-workerPoolTwoInstanceCount Number of instances in worker pool two. Can be zero if not using worker pool two.
ASE-workerPoolThreeInstanceSize Instance size for worker pool three. Maps to P1,P2,P3,P4.
ASE-workerPoolThreeInstanceCount Number of instances in worker pool three. Can be zero if not using worker pool three.
ASE-APP-SERVICE-workerPool Defines which worker pool's (WP1, WP2 or WP3) resources will be used for the app service plan.
ASE-APP-SERVICE-numberOfWorkersFromWorkerPool Defines the number of workers from the worker pool that will be used by the app service plan.

템플릿 사용


New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment -Name <deployment-name> -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -TemplateUri
Azure PowerShell 설치 및 구성


azure config mode arm
azure group deployment create <my-resource-group> <my-deployment-name> --template-uri
Azure 크로스 플랫폼 명령줄 인터페이스 설치 및 구성