Azure Data Lake Store .NET: Additional Samples

게시자: Rahul Dutta
마지막 업데이트: 2017-11-30
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This sample demonstrates how to interact with Azure Data Lake Store service using the .NET SDK. The sample walk through following: - Acquire an Azure ActiveDirectory OAuth token (ServiceClientCredential) using username and password. - Acquire an Azure ActiveDirectory OAuth token (ServiceClientCredential) using client id and client secret. - Create client using the account path and Azure ActiveDirectory OAuth token. - Get a write stream, write a file on store and do flush. - Get a read stream, perform seek to a particular offset and read from the offset. - Concatenate two files. - Use async operations to create a sample hiererchial directory tree on store and then get the content summary. - Illustrate token refresh. - Illustrate Bulk upload and download - Illustrate recursive acl processor - Illustrate recursive acl and disk usage dump

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