Connect Your Data to Your Decision Making

The IoT Guide for Business Leaders

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게시됨: 2019-06-07

Solve your business problems with your own data. Gain new business insights using the equipment you already have and the Internet of Things (IoT). Read this e-book to learn how Azure IoT helps you grow your business with secure, innovative managed services and solution accelerators. Gain insights into how to start small and scale up at your own pace. Explore topics like:
  • What IoT is—including information on connected devices, how data is transformed into insights, and what you need to take action.
  • How to scale IoT costs to fit your business needs while getting your IoT solutions up and running quickly.
  • Why IoT may provide a secure end-to-end approach for common scenarios like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, facilities management, connected manufacturing, and fleet management. 

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