Cognitive Services 가격 - Computer Vision API

인텔리전스 API를 사용하여 시각, 음성, 언어 및 지식 기능 사용

This state-of-the-art, cloud-based API provides developers with access to advanced algorithms that allow you to extract rich information from images in order to categorize and process visual data. Capabilities include image analytics, tagging, recognition celebrities, text extraction, and smart thumbnail generation.

가격 정보

계층 기능 단위 가격
Computer Vision API—free   트랜잭션 월별 5,000개 트랜잭션 무료
S1 초당 최대 10개의 트랜잭션
다음 작업에 사용할 수 있음: Tag, Face, GetThumbnail Color 및 Image Type
트랜잭션 0-1,000,000개 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
1,000,000-5,000,000개 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
5,000,000개 이상의 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
S2 초당 최대 10개의 트랜잭션
다음 작업에 사용할 수 있음: OCR(인쇄됨), Adult, Celebrity 및 Landmark
트랜잭션 0-1,000,000개 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
1,000,000-5,000,000개 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
5,000,000개 이상의 트랜잭션 — 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-
S3 초당 최대 10개의 트랜잭션
다음 작업에 사용할 수 있음: Describe 및 OCR(필기)
트랜잭션 1,000개의 트랜잭션당 $-

지원 및 SLA

  • 무료 청구 및 구독 관리 지원이 포함됩니다.
  • 표준 계층에서 실행되는 Cognitive Services를 99.9% 이상의 시간 동안 이용할 수 있음을 보장합니다. 무료 계층에는 SLA가 제공되지 않습니다. SLA 읽어 보기


Computer Vision API

  • Please refer to the documentation for more detailed descriptions of these operations.

    • Tag—Computer Vision API returns tags based on more than 2,000 recognizable objects, living beings, scenery, and actions. In cases where tags may be ambiguous or not common knowledge, the API response provides “hints” to clarify the meaning of the tag.
    • Face—Detects human faces within a picture
    • GetThumbnail—After an image is uploaded, GetTumbnail generates a high-quality thumbnail. The Computer Vision API algorithm analyzes the objects within the image, then crops the image to fit the requirements of the region of interest (ROI).
    • Color—The Computer Vision algorithm extracts colors from an image. The colors are analyzed in three different contexts: foreground, background, and whole. The colors are grouped into 12 dominant accent colors.
    • Image Type—Computer Vision API can set a Boolean flag to indicate whether an image is black and white or color, as well as use the same method to indicate whether an image is a line drawing or not. Image Type also indicates whether an image is clipart or not, and the quality.
    • OCR—Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology detects text content in an image. The identified text is extracted into a machine-readable character stream for search and numerous other purposes, ranging from medical records to security and banking. It automatically detects the language. OCR saves time and provides convenience for users by allowing them to simply take photos of text instead of transcribing it. Please refer to Documentation for supported languages.
    • Adult—Apply the adult/racy settings to enable automated restriction of adult content in images.
    • Celebrity—Azure’s celebrity recognition model recognizes 200,000 celebrities from business, politics, sports, and entertainment around the world.


  • The Emotion API, Face API, Language Understanding Intelligent Service API, Bing Speech-to-Text API, and Bing Text-to-Speech API are billed per 1,000 API transaction calls when a production API call is being actively executed. Billing is prorated for production API transaction call quantities.

    The Bing Long Form Speech API service is billed per hour of speech that is analyzed. The billing is prorated on a per-minute basis.

    The Recommendations API and Text Analytics API can be purchased in units of the standard tiers at a fixed price. Each unit of a tier comes with included quantities of API transactions. If the user exceeds the included quantities, overages are charged at the rate specified in the pricing table above. These overages are prorated, and the service is billed on a monthly basis. The included quantities in a tier are reset each month.

  • 무료 계층에서 트랜잭션 한도에 도달하면 사용량이 제한됩니다. 고객은 무료 계층에서 초과분을 누적할 수 없습니다.

  • Any annotation to a document counts as a transaction. Batch scoring calls will also take into consideration the number of documents that need to be scored in that transaction. So for instance, if 1,000 documents are sent for sentiment analysis in a single API call, that will count for 1,000 transactions. If an API supports more than one annotation operation, that will also be considered. Let’s say an API call performs both sentiment analysis and key-phrase extraction on 1,000 documents, that will count for 2,000 transactions (2 annotations * 1,000 documents).

  • 표준 계층의 사용량을 초과하면 해당 계정에서 초과분을 누적하기 시작합니다. 이 초과분은 월 기준으로 요금이 청구되고 각 계정에 지정된 요금으로 계산됩니다.

  • 모든 API 호출(배치 평가 호출은 제외)은 트랜잭션으로 계산됩니다. 배치 평가 호출은 해당 트랜잭션에서 평가되어야 하는 항목 수를 기준으로 계산됩니다.

  • 무료 계층에서 트랜잭션 한도에 도달하면 사용량이 제한됩니다. 고객은 무료 계층에서 초과분을 누적할 수 없습니다. 무료 계층에서는 배치 평가가 지원되지 않습니다.

  • Recommendations API는 고정 가격의 표준 계층 단위로 구매할 수 있습니다. 각 계층 단위에는 포함된 API 트랜잭션 수량이 함께 제공됩니다. 사용자가 포함된 수량을 초과하면 위의 가격표에 지정된 요금으로 초과분이 청구됩니다. 이 초과분은 일할 계산되고 서비스는 월 기준으로 요금이 청구됩니다. 계층의 포함된 수량은 매월 초기화됩니다.

  • 언제든지 더 높은 계층으로 업그레이드할 수 있습니다. 더 높은 계층에 해당하는 청구 요금 및 포함된 수량은 즉시 시작됩니다.

  • Below table provides a list of available end-points for each API. The response for the same end-point of Bing Web Search API may vary depending on the Tier purchased. Refer to the next question for details.

    Included APIs Endpoints Available in Tiers
    Bing 웹 검색 API S1-S8
    Bing Image Search API S1, S3, S7, S8
    Bing News Search API S1, S5, S8
    Bing 비디오 Search API S1, S4, S7, S8
    (Preview, EN-US Only) S1, S6
    Bing Autosuggest API S1, S2
    Bing Spell Check API S1, S2
  • No, the Bing Web Search API is curtailed to meet specific offering of each Tier. For example, Tier S3 is meant for customers wanting to utilize only web search results and images in their applications. The customers also have an option of calling just a specific end point within a tier and their transactions will count against the overall bundle transactions (for example in Tier S3 a customer can just call Image API end point and make 400 transactions and can call Web Search API end point for 600 transactions and the total will be counted as 1,000 transactions).

  • No, both the APIs could potentially return different results even if you are only looking for images. For example, for a certain type of query, Bing Web Search API may return a combination of web results, videos, news but may not return images. However, for the same query, Bing Image Search API may return images.

  • Tiers are priced based on the number of transactions. As an example, for Tier S3, price per 1,000 transactions is $4. At the end of billing period if 12,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API and 1,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Image Search API, then you will have billed for $52 calculated as $4*(13,000/1,000).

  • Bing Spell Check and Bing Autosuggest APIs are billed at 25,000 transactions increment in Tier S1. Whereas, other APIs are billed at 1,000 transactions increment in Tier S1.

    For example, if you are subscribed to Tier S1 and at the end of the billing period 15,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API, 3,000 transactions logged for Bing Video Search API, and 25,000 for Bing Autosuggest API. In this case, the approximate bill would be $133 calculated by $7*((15,000+3,000)/1,000) + $7*(25,000/25,000).

    Note: For billing, only the end-point is considered and not the requested response. For example, calling the Bing Web Search API only for image response will be counted towards the Bing Web Search API and not towards the Bing Image Search API.


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