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Viatek provides innovative technology solutions that leverage the Azure platform; wrapped in a comprehensive service suite.

We specialise in removing common barriers to Cloud consumption, with market leading approaches to:

- Hybrid Identity and Access Management: Single Sign On and Dynamic User provisioning across the entire Cloud Marketplace
- Hybrid Cloud and Hosting services: Delivering the right balance of private and public Cloud services
- Data: Viatek's own 10Gbps N+1 network 'ViaFly. Spanning over 7000+ buildings and 80 Data centres nationally
- Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
- Plus much more...

Viatek is also an SAP accredited Systems Implementation Partner, reseller of SAP licences under Partner Managed Cloud “PMC” and are a locally certified SAP Hosting Partner. When combined with our Gold partner accreditation on Azure, we're uniquely positioned to explore with you the many ways in which Azure can complement your SAP requirements.

Our engagement stretches all the way from initial consultation, through to design and implementation, and transitioning to ongoing support and maintenance.

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