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SphereGen is a consulting company based in New Haven, Connecticut. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development. SphereGen has a global presence, supported by India operations in Pune with offices in New Haven Connecticut.

Our core competencies include:

Cloud Migration:
SphereGen assists enterprise customers with the migration of their applications to cloud or to a hybrid model consisting of on premise and cloud benefits. SphereGen helps customers with application refactoring for cloud environments, integration with modern applications and services, and building new applications.

Cloud Enablement:
SphereGen works with enterprise clients to successfully implement their solutions to run on public cloud services like Microsoft Azure. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we help businesses to run on Azure via program and technical support services.

SphereGen’s experienced team of consultants assist business customers in automating their business processes and integrating modern technologies. We encourage our customers for Cloud integration and adoption, helping them modernize their business applications. SphereGen’s team is enthusiastic about AI capabilities with the use of cognitive services and planning to utilize them in business application integration.

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