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The Cloud Infrastructure team focus on all areas of System Center, Core Infrastructure and The Business Desktop, both on premises or in the cloud.

The team's core skills focus on the Microsoft management products which System Center are a core, delivering business automation, process and agility whether this be in the datacentre or on the end user device. A full awareness of current and future technology presents a team with breadth and much needed specialisation to drive towards common goals such as security compliance, ITIL based policies and procedures.

Simple and effective solutions

The Cloud Infrastructure team deliver simple and effective solutions whether this be a method to provide an automated, consistent and repeatable desktop deployment solution, to a fully integrated datacentre solution which is able to move your business forward.

Skill sets include desktops, server infrastructure and the management tools that move your IT into a simple and powerful provider.

Our team consult at all levels in an organisation to make sure that all the requirements of a business and it's specific problems are identified, solutions proposed and project costs and expected outcomes delivered with each and every project.

We have specialists in the following technology sets which deliver solutions that use these in part or in full:
•Configuration Manager
•Operations Manager
•Service Manager
•Data Protection Manager
•Virtual Machine Manager
•Microsoft Azure


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