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We offer a fully managed and integrated Azure hybrid cloud solution with a service wrapper around on-premises and cloud data centres. Integration extends across several layers:

- Networking – secure and seamless connection between your data centres and Azure cloud data centres
- Identity – one integrated identity for on and off premise systems using Active Directory and Azure AD
- Platforms - Azure public cloud, Azure stack, VMWare, and HyperV integration
- Storage – backups, archives, and recovery sites
- Disaster recovery – fully automated Azure cloud data centres

Our approach to Azure hybrid cloud solutions:

- Design: A full assessment of your current data centres, systems, and applications and their suitability for hybrid cloud.
- Design: Next generation data centre designs for customers that want the best of both private and public cloud platforms.
- Build: Automated hybrid cloud solutions
- Transition: The secure transfer of your workloads, servers, and applications into cloud platforms
- Manage: Fully managed cloud solutions that let you get on with your core business.

We’ll manage any solution engineered, built and deployed by RedPixie. Alternatively, we can assess your existing Azure Cloud systems and provide a managed service once we understand your landscape and business needs.

Our managed solutions include:

- Enterprise grade IT systems management process
- Service automation
- A 24/7 service team to monitor, support and manage resources deployed on Azure.


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