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RBA is the leader in helping companies move to the Cloud. We have helped hundreds of customers assess their opportunity to migrate to the Cloud, have migrated several dozen enterprise customers and is currently managing a number of Office 365 customer projects. With RBA's expertise and assessment tools, we are committed to making your transition smooth and trouble-free.

With the Cloud, you have the power to think big and be small, to be big and act fast.

At RBA, we will help assess the potential benefits of moving your applications to the Cloud, quickly and efficiently, without taxing your resources.

RBA's Cloud Computing dev/test scenarios empower IT Implementers with the ability to reduce the project back log faster than ever before with flexible cloud solutions to develop, test and run applications.

We will help you:

- Understand what it means for your organization to become Cloud ready
- Determine which of your finished and custom applications are presently Cloud ready
- Gain accurate insight into the TCO and Total Economic Impact of your move to the Cloud
- Create a migration plan that you can follow
- Manage proof of concept (POC) and pilot projects

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