Orion Systems Integrators, Inc.

Orion Systems Integrators, Inc.

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Orion is a 24+ year old technology solutions (consulting and implementation) firm headquartered in New Jersey, USA. With certified competencies in the Microsoft technologies stack (Gold and Silver), Orion’s teams have achieved recognition for delivering excellence in transformative business solutions on a variety of functional domains. With a global network of 1700+ technology professionals our engagement and delivery models have evolved over time to allow us to provide cost effective and flexible sourcing strategies that positively impact business objectives.

Our core competencies include
• Analytics Driven Business Process Automation

With business process automation being our forte, we have enhanced our capabilities with the optimal utilization of the Windows Azure cloud in provisioning a comprehensive data platform that utilizes advanced data analytics driven processes to drive business process workflow solutions.
• Cloud Enablement & Migrations

From Office 365 to Containerization on Azure, our teams have a long and steady history of delivering complete project life cycle implementations on the Windows Azure platform. We have worked with numerous enterprises of diverse sizes in provisioning windows azure based solutions for custom applications, migration of applications and infrastructure workloads to the azure platform, application integration and backup & disaster recovery solutions.

Orion’s Teams Add Value

Steeped in Microsoft technologies, our most prominent representation is our ability to work with clients as a “partner” providing personalized experience in each engagement. Our cost-effective resourcing models that use lean and agile methodologies have ensured substantial results and business benefits for our clients. With engagement methodologies that incorporate a pragmatic management process for globally diverse teams, we provide a unique blend of techno-functional knowledge that help produce effective solutions for complex business problems.

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