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With an Azure Backup solution, Metro CSG provides you with the data redundancy your business needs. Azure's continuous synchronization with your on-premises server keeps your cloud backups up to date, while occupying minimal bandwidth over your network. Configuration with Azure ExpressRoute* maintains the security of your data with encryption and private connection.

Benefits of choosing Windows Azure Backup:

• A cost effective backup storage alternative
• Incremental backups set to the frequency of your choice
• Replication to multiple regions for increased redundancy

Metro CSG assists you with setup and maintenance of your backup to Azure. Our Azure specialized engineers configure your on-premises server for hybrid connection with the cloud and begin the initial replication of your infrastructure into Azure. From there, we can assist with any inquiries about your cloud backup and help to troubleshoot potential difficulties.

*Azure ExpressRoute is a private network connection established between Azure and on-premises infrastructure. The service bypasses public internet, granting you increased agility, lower operational costs, and protection from third-party access.


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