Lightstream Managed Services

Lightstream Managed Services

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Leveraging the cloud computing model for provisioning IT services enables your business to elevate its operations in several key areas:

• Drives improved business-process cost efficiencies
• Enables mobile workforces to be more productive
• Improves communications with customers and partners
• Provides access to additional data that generates new business insights
• Increases new product innovation
• Shifts businesses to a shared services model to lower overall IT costs
• Facilitates delivering products and services to market faster

To help your business capitalize on all of these cloud benefits, Lightstream offers comprehensive Azure Cloud Implementation Services. We help you stay ahead of the technology curve by giving you the ability to develop, implement, and deliver new applications faster than your competitors—at a cost your business can afford.

We simplify the task of taking your business applications to the cloud by leveraging our world-class cloud partnerships and our team of industry-certified architects and engineers to collaborate with your team. We provide all the tools, processes, and resources to properly complete your transition to the cloud as quickly as possible. Here are just a few ways we can help:

• Selection of a Cloud Provider—by leveraging our extensive list of hosting and cloud providers, we cut through the marketing hype and determine the best partner to meet your hosting needs.

• Cloud Design Services—helps you develop the most efficient and cost-effective cloud/hosting solution to meet your company’s business needs.

• Cloud Migration Services—enables you to lay out a path of least resistance by mapping out the transition steps to successfully migrate your applications to the cloud.

• Physical Data Center Migrations—we facilitate safe and secure physical migrations from in-house and provider facilities to data centers with advanced and secure infrastructures.

• Cloud Security Assessments: Our team assists with the design and implementation of cloud security as well as compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, and SOX.

By utilizing Lightstream’s proven methodologies and real-world experience, you can transform your company into a cloud-enabled organization that is ready and prepared for today’s competition.

Contact us to today to find what our Azure Cloud Implementation Services can do for your business.

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