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FMT Consultants, LLC

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Solutions with FMT Consultants

Microsoft Azure solutions from FMT Consultants give your business the power of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service solutions for your business. These solutions scale up and down depending on your business need. You benefit by only paying for what you use with pay-as-you-go pricing that brings both predictability and flexibility to your budget!

These solutions can be implemented separately or together and in concert with your physical servers and data center infrastructure. Alternatively, these solutions can replace most/all of your physical servers and data center environments.

We offer Azure solutions include virtual machines (VMs), data backup, data archiving, mobility, single sign on (SSO), Dynamics GP hosting on Azure, data center redundancy/Disaster-recovery-as-a-Service, aka Azure Site Recovery (ASR), failover, networking, Active Directory, Operations Management Suite (OMS), ExpressRoute, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and more.

All of these solutions leverage Azure's world-class security, compliance, and SLAs

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