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Compete366 can have you up and running in the cloud with Azure in a matter of days, depending on your timescales and the complexity of your requirements.

Azure is Microsoft’s Infrastructure as a Service offering. This provides servers, storage, bandwidth and services in the cloud that you connect to over the internet. These servers form part of your company’s network in just the same way as if they were located on your premises, and your staff will perceive no difference.

There are many good reasons for moving some or all of your servers into the cloud, but the two most common reasons our clients have are flexibility and cost savings.

We offer a variety of services to get you up and running in Azure quickly. Whether you just want to back up some on-premise servers, host an application or its SQL database, or migrate a large complex infrastructure into Azure, we can design, implement and manage it for you.

To determine your needs we hold a planning workshop and agree the timescales and costs.

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