ADAPA Scoring Engine

게시자: Zementis

ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud. gives you the predictive scoring and decision capabilities of ADAPA with the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing.


With ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud, you benefit from the power of Zementis’ real-time PMML-based scoring engine and the trusted performance and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. This is the same engine that Zementis’ customer use on-site. The only difference is that instead of installing ADAPA on your own servers, ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud comes pre-installed on a virtual server in the cloud. We call this an “ADAPA instance”. When an ADAPA instance is launched in the cloud, it is ready for your organization to use to support its predictive analytics needs. Your organization can deploy predictive models immediately. Your business users can score data via the ADAPA Web Console, Web Services or Microsoft Excel. Your organization can rapidly integrate predictive analytics into business decision making. You give yourself a competitive edge.

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