Seagate Backup Services

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Microsoft customers: get simplified, cross-platform, multi-hypervisor server backup and recovery on Microsoft Azure. Cloud-based Seagate Backup Services for Microsoft Azure gives you the flexibility, scalability, economy, and offsite protection of the cloud without any upfront capital expenses. Protect your server backup data, applications, and databases even as you overcome bandwidth constraints, ensure security, and save money. Relax knowing our rock-solid infrastructure is managed by experts, backed by one of the industry’s highest-rated service organisations, and available to you 24/7/365. Seagate's Express Recovery Appliance is included for even faster onsite data recovery when you need it.

How to: After you deploy to your Azure subscription by clicking the create virtual machine link above, you will also need to submit your billing information to Seagate via a registration form. Seagate will bill you monthly for the software plus service at a price of $450/TB.

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