게시자: quasardb

quasardb is an advanced, scale-out and transactional key-value database (NoSQL).

Supporting a large selection of languages with open-source APIs, quasardb enable its users to work on terabytes of data effortlessly thanks to its simple key/value model combined with instant tag-based lookups.

Because it has a built-in transactional engine, quasardb offers the same level of reliability that relational databases offer while delivering the flexibility typical of NoSQL databases.

Some major features:

  • Scale-up and scale-out effortlessly for big and fast data use cases
  • Integrated replication
  • Distributed read-committed transactions
  • Unlimited entry size
  • Native streaming
  • Instant tag based lookup
  • Advanced types such as distributed containers and native integers
  • Apache Spark integration

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