Maestro Server V5

게시자: Profisee

Profisee offers everything needed to run Master Data Maestro Base Server via Azure Marketplace. This VM delivers all of the power of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Master Data Services, and Profisee’s Master Data Maestro Base Server, GRM, Software Developer Kit with Workflow, and Maestro Integrator configured for unlimited users, data domains, and data volumes. This is an ideal option that provides the fastest ROI for an evaluation, proof-of-concept, pilot, reference data implementation, or for projects focused on immediate improvement to existing Microsoft Master Data Services applications.

To access Data Quality Services or Maestro Adapters please refer to the other Profisee Marketplace offerings or contact Profisee directly.

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Maestro Base Server V5
Profisee Windows
Maestro SDK Server V5
Profisee Windows
Maestro GRM Server V5
Profisee Windows
Maestro Server V5 BYOL
Profisee Windows

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