PrestaShop Advanced Template

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About PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce web application. We’re committed to providing the best shopping cart experience for merchants and their customers. The software is written in PHP and is extendable; providing unlimited possibilities for product customization. See all the available features.


This solution is recommended for medium-sized businesses which require more than a single VM for scalability and availability. It deploys a multi-tier application of 1 Web virtual machine + 1 SQL virtual machine:
  • One front-end server with Ubuntu LTS + Apache + PHP-FPM
  • One back-end server with Ubuntu LTS + MySQL Server 5.6
Three topology sizes are available (see below).

Business Benefits

For Entreprises

  • Optimized for e-commerce
  • The most localized ecommerce software
  • High availability

For Developers

  • Easy and fast deployment
  • The freedom of Open Source

Extending PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a highly customizable, both through modules and themes. Learn more about it using the Developer Guide, Designer Guide and PrestaShop Addons, the official marketplace for PrestaShop.


Just fill in the form which will be displayed on the next step. When your template is successfully deployed, you will be able to use directly your shop !

Configure your virtual machine sizes and performance to handle your business needs with 3 different topology sizes : Small : A1 web virtual machine + A1 SQL virtual machine An optimal economical option for average traffic and small catalog size Medium : A2 web virtual machine + D1 SQL virtual machine With a faster web VM and a better performing SQL VM with solid state drive (SSD) and 60% faster processor, it is adapted to medium-sized businesses. Large : A3 web virtual machine + D2 SQL virtual machine With increased web and back-end performance, ideal for important traffic and large catalogs.

버전: 1.0.1

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