ORFAST Media Asset Manager

게시자: ORFAST Technologies

ORFAST Media Asset Management software provides fast and lightweight user interface allows you work with all yours video materials in one click, upload media, metadata editing, play and navigate by video, transcode and share media.

Full-text search engine gives you an extra tool for fast search by different attributes, as well as apply filters to make searches more effective.

ORFAST Media Manager provide wonderful ability to browse all your video materials from archive as fast as you can imagine, you can embed your assets to different web-platforms on the Internet, or send asset link by an email. You can stream your video assets in different quality with ORFAST Media Manager streaming service.

ORFAST Media Manager can be easily integrated with your on-premise services like Quality Check, Traffic system, Content Delivery or long term archive system (online storage and LTO as well).

Contact ORFAST Technilogies team for any assistance.

Tech support: support@orfast.com

General info: info@orfast.com

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