Parse Server on managed Azure services

게시자: Microsoft

This template deploys Parse Server backed by fully-managed and supported Azure services. These services support the migration guide and tools provided by Parse including database migration to a fully-managed database.

Parse Server is a cloud-based mobile application platform that enables users to add a scalable backend for full-featured mobile applications on Windows, iOS, Android and a variety of cross-platform and hybrid technologies.

This template deploys the following Azure services:

  • Parse Server powered by Azure App Service
  • File adapter powered by Azure Storage
  • NoSQL data adapter powered by Azure DocumentDB
  • Push notifications powered by Azure Notification Hubs
  • UI-based management usign the Parse Dashboard

When deploying this template, the lowest cost deployment options within each Azure service will be used. You may scale up to higher performance options by adjusting the scaling options after deployment. The minimum cost of the service is approximately $75/mo. For more information on the cost of individual Azure services, visit the pricing page.