Logi Vision 1.4 (BYOL)

게시자: Logi Analytics

Logi Vision is a visual data discovery application built for the workgroup that enables everyday business users to tap into the power of analytics.

Vision's recommendations engine, built-in data science technology and collaborative environment make it easy for anyone to analyze, visualize and socialize insights that were previously only available to advanced users. Logi Vision does this by simplifying access to common data sources, minimizing the technical skills required for analysis, and providing a mechanism to share information with others. Vision takes cues and best practices from consumer oriented applications, such as Netflix, Twitter and Facebook, to ensure a simplified user experience.

To access Logi Vision once your VM has deployed:
  • Browse to the URL: http://[Azure-URL]/Vision
  • Default Username is: Vision
  • Default Password is: password (you will be prompted to modify upon login)

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Logi Vision 1.4 (25 Users)
Logi Analytics Windows
Logi Info 11 (BYOL)
Logi Analytics Windows

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