LANSA Scalable License

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The LANSA Scalable License provides users with a machine image and an Azure Resource Manager template for constructing a production ready Windows stack to deliver LANSA web, mobile and desktop capabilities. The stack has been architected to provide all the essential components including a load balancer, web servers and a database server. This stack is highly available and fault tolerant, including being auto-installing, auto-upgrading, auto-patching, auto-Windows Updates and auto-scaling. The Usage Instructions and Tutorial below provide a step by step guide on how to set up the stack using an Azure Resource Manager template. Users can deploy an application to this production environment from any Visual LANSA IDE including the Azure Visual LANSA Development Environment Web Application Framework.

Detailed product description

Usage Instructions.

To deploy a LANSA Stack you need to use an Azure Resource Manager template. An example template is provided and referred to in the Azure Deployment Tutorial.

The template by default creates two A2 Standard instances and one Azure SQL Database Standard S2 database instance.

For full instructions for using the template and creating your stack go to the Azure Deployment Tutorial

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