Jitterbit Harmony Linux Agent

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Jitterbit enables integrations across the most common scenarios:

Data Integration: is the transferring of data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data Integration does not mean just copying the data (data movement), but actually is the process that also includes the validation, transformation and cleansing of data to ensure that the data being migrated is correct and in format for use by application.

Process Integration: Typical use case is orchestrating an end to end process across multiple applications or endpoints such as the quote to cash process across a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Backend Financials or ERP application.

Real-time API Management: Harmony Live! allows non-technical users to design, deploy and manage end-to-end, real-time APIs without writing code. Non-developer can easily and quickly connect any system and expose it as an API service that can be consumed by any other system. With powerful orchestration tools, users can click to configure API access rules, set throttling and rate limits, and monitor and analyze the usage and health of their APIs. The Harmony API Gateway routes all API request and responses and guaranteed messaging ensures that all API calls and their payloads make it to their destination.

Local Agent run time for deployment of Jitterbit integration processes on Azure Linux server. Requires subscription to Jitterbit Harmony.

Jitterbit Standard Edition includes connectivity for up to three end-points, standard application connectors, studio visual designer, web management console, cloud and local runtime Agents, two environments- production & dev, unlimited support cases, 48 hours support response, phone support 8-5 pm, instructor led web training, get connected go-live support.

dynamics connectors -complete dynamics - crm, ax, gp, nav, sl) integration in days. -wizards simplify data mapping and process automation -support for all custom fields/objects defined in Dynamics -move millions of records with the high-performance server automate business processes -sales order shipment and invoice synchronization -integrate leads and campaigns with marketing automation tools -connect orders & distribution with warehouse management -share po and payments with suppliers and trading partners -extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses

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