Informatica Cloud Services for Azure - PAYG

게시자: Informatica

Optimize the value of your Azure Services and derive actionable insights out of all your hybrid data sets with Informatica Cloud Services on Azure. Informatica Cloud offers a best-in-class solution for Data integration, Cloud Analytics, Application Integration and Data Management. With self-service data migration, integration and management capabilities customers can quickly and reliably import, export, synchronize, and schedule petabytes of data to Azure from a variety of sources such as SaaS applications, Hadoop-based data lakes, and other on-prem data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, SAP). Informatica Cloud Services for Azure provides native, high volume, high performance connectivity to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL DB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Store, and Azure DocumentDB.

The offering includes:

  • Drag and drop web-based mapping designer enabling visual design, development and deployment of data integration mappings (static data flows).
  • Simple 6-step data synchronization wizard, no coding necessary, to support the needs of citizen integrators.
  • Automated scheduling of jobs and task-flow sequencing of multiple jobs.
  • One instance of Informatica Cloud Service in Informatica's hosted environment.
  • One instance of secure agent that is pre-installed and pre-configured in a choice of either Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter or Ubuntu 16.04 based Azure VM.
  • One connector for one of the following Microsoft Azure Services - SQL DW, SQL DB, Blob Storage, Data Lake Store, and DocumentDB.
  • One additional connector for data sources such as MS Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, etc.
  • Flexible hourly pricing ($1.5/hour) via the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) licensing model that allows users to run enterprise-class integration jobs with no upfront costs or need to buy a separate license.
  • Solution is limited to 1TB storage of selected Azure Service.
  • 24x7 hour support via Informatica moderated community forum.
  • Free for first 30 days.


This PAYG offering is valid for new Informatica Cloud customers only. If you are an existing Informatica Cloud customer you have two options available to you:
  1. Check out our Informatica Cloud Services for Azure BYOL offering to deploy your Secure Agent on an Azure VM.
  2. Contact your Informatica sales representative or email us to discuss additional connectivity options or pay-as-you-go licensing.

버전: 1.0.0