eMada Student Information System

게시자: Human Logic Software LLC
eMada is a cloud-based enterprise software solution for seamless end-to-end management of higher education institutions. Leveraging Human Logic’s higher education business and technological expertise, eMada addresses the complex business problems of all stakeholders of the institution. eMada is designed from ground up as a self-service software that integrates business process workflows for each operation handled by the university. Every stakeholder enjoys anywhere-anytime accessibility to process requests and can perform operations hassle-free. Perfectly aligned with the "credit hour" system of higher education organizations spanning the Middle East market, eMada is built on Microsoft Stack and runs on Microsoft Azure . Additionally, it is fully web-based with customized portals designed for students, staff and key departments of the institution. The cloud-based eMada liberates clients from having upfront capital expenditure. Also, it fully integrates with other back-office surround systems.

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