HP LoadRunner

게시자: Hewlett Packard
The only load testing platform a Performance Engineer will ever need for testing Mobile, Web and legacy apps. HP LoadRunner is extremely flexible for generating real world loads that help you identify performance problems and deliver higher quality applications throughout the development process. With HP LoadRunner you can:
  • Easily capture and reproduce user behavior
  • Quickly simulate hundreds-to-thousands of users leveraging the public cloud to test the load from different regions
  • Intelligently analyze application performance and pinpoint bottlenecks to improve performance
Highlights - Test early and often through integrations with Microsoft Visual Studio™, Eclipse, and Jenkins. HP LoadRunner also supports the most advanced Network and Service Virtualization available With LoadRunner you get 50 virtual user licenses for free for life, enabling low volume tests quickly during development. Start your test now for free with 50 virtual users for unlimited time!

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