MediaRich® Hot Folder

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With MediaRich Hot Folders streamlining your image and video processing workflow is drag and drop easy!

Powered by the 64-bit MediaRich™ All Media Server MediaRichHot Folders enables to create scripts (dozens are included to get youstarted imeediately) that can be applied to desktop folders that will automatically perform almost any image and video processing.

With unparralled support for over 450 file types including camera, image, Office, drawing,  and video formats you can simply drag your files into the Hot Folder and the scripts can automatically perform tasks including

- generate versions of any size from a single source

- watermark assest on-the-fly

- metadata extraction

- transcode videos in parallel to as many formats as required

- insert pre-rolls and post-rolls\composite bugs and bumpers create clips of any length and size



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