Execution Manager

게시자: Enfo Rongo Oy
Execution Manager is a user friendly load chain startup and management tool with parametrization support. Main features of Execution Manager are:
  1. A web portal for end users and administrators.
  2. Easy to use interface to maintain, modify and run large and complex load chains e.g. 1000+ runnable components.
  3. Support for multi user environment.
  4. Orchestration of load chains to avoid collisions between loads.
  5. Schedulable load chains. Option to schedule e.g. nightly ETL loads.
  6. Support for parametrization. Allow end users to pass predefined parameter values to load chain components e.g. "Load Budget Period = 2016/01".
  7. Multiple servers support. Deploy Execution Manager Component Runners to multiple servers and execute components from the servers using the Web portal.
  8. Active Directory authentication and authorization, allow specific users to execute selected load chains.

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