Egress Switch Email Gateway

게시자: Egress

Egress Switch Gateway Hosted Infrastructure Integrating seamlessly with anti-virus, anti-spam, archiving and content filtering products, Egress Switch Gateway Hosted Infrastructure complements network edge technology to deliver comprehensive yet flexible information security without affecting user behaviour or existing processes. Switch Gateway can automatically and transparently encrypt outbound email based on defined policy tailored to organization’s bespoke requirements, as well as decrypt inbound messages so they can be routed through email filtering applications prior to delivery. Benefits

  • Gateway encryption and decryption: Manage email encryption and decryption on behalf of your users, without having to install client software
  • Centralised policy management: Control and enforce information security policy based on factors such as data type, content, location and recipient
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure: Enable encrypted emails to be processed by gateway scanners
  • Real-time control: Control recipient access to email, including the ability to print, screenshot and forward content, as well as revoking access
  • Full audit trail: View detailed reports for all sent items

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