Migration Suite for SharePoint

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Save time and eliminate the risks of downtime and data loss with a ZeroIMPACT migration to SharePoint 2016, Office 365, OneDrive for Business or a hybrid environment. Migration Suite for SharePoint is an agentless migration tool that lets you seamlessly move your on-premises SharePoint environment, as well as Windows file shares, Exchange public folders and personal storage (Google Drive, Box, home folders, My Sites, etc.), all from a single, intuitive console. Discover how easy migrations can be. Get Migration Suite up and running in minutes from the Azure Marketplace and enables you to slash project costs by migrating up to 80% faster. You can now use Migration Suite for SharePoint in the Azure Marketplace. From there, you can quickly configure and deploy Migration Suite and slash project costs by migrating up to 80% faster. See for yourself how to:
    Easily migrate content from SharePoint, Windows file shares, personal storage and Exchange public folders
    Preserve, re-classify and add metadata to content as it’s migrated
    Migrate multiple SharePoint sites and more simultaneously to shrink timelines and costs
    Save resources by scheduling actions to occur automatically during non-work hours
    Ensure migration timelines are met with real-time progress reports

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