Dataiku DSS

게시자: Dataiku

Dataiku DSS (Data Science Studio) is a software that allows data professionals (data scientists, business analysts, developers...) to prototype, build, and deploy highly specific services that transform raw data into impactful business predictions.

After an easy installation with Azure, you and your team will be able to collaborate on DSS's web-based interface to load and prepare your data in a visual interface, analyze your data and build visualizations, train and iterate around machine learning algorithms to build tailored models for your project, and finally automate and run your entire workflow.

DSS is designed to connect to all types of data sources such as CSV files, SQL databases, MongoDB, HP Vertica, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, Spark, and more. It gives everyone the power to explore data through an intuitive interface or with the tools and programming languages they know best (SQL, Python, R...).

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