Confluent Enterprise 3.0

게시자: Confluent

Confluent delivers the only enterprise-ready stream data platform based on Apache Kafka. The platform supports data system integration and advanced real-time processing with resilience and outstanding performance. An overview of the Confluent Platform is available at

The Azure Marketplace offering simplifies the deployment of Confluent Enterprise, allowing customers to quickly develop their own streaming applications or synchronize their data sources with cloud-based services. Users who require an introduction to Apache Kafka can find one at

This template deploys a user-specified number of brokers, zookeepers, and workers to join in a functional Apache Kafka cluster. The cluster is supplemented by the Confluent Enterprise services (Schema Registry, REST Proxy, and Kafka Connect worker containers). Additionally, the Confluent Control Center application for end-to-end monitoring of the cluster is included with a 30-day trial license.

버전: 1.0.2

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