CloudBoost Enterprise

게시자: CloudBoost

CloudBoost Enterprise helps you build much richer apps by leveraging the best of the open source databases with the enterprise capabilities you need to build mission critical application in your organization. CloudBoost Enterprise includes the world's most popular open source databases running under the hood, as well as advanced system management and data management tools plus dedicated support and community advocacy from our world-class team of database experts.

CloudBoost Enterprise is:

  • Unified - one integrated system, bringing diverse databases and application workloads to one pool on common infrastructure.
  • Secure - perimeter security, authentication, granular authorization, and data protection
  • Governed - enterprise-grade data auditing, data lineage, and data discovery and more.
  • Managed- native high-availability, fault-tolerance and self-healing storage, automated backup and disaster recovery, and advanced system and data management

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