Click2Cloud DevOps Solution for OpenShift & Docker

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Click2Cloud Visual Studio DevOps Solution for RedHat OpenShift 3 PaaS and Docker Engine

This image contains Windows Server 2012R2 OS and Visual Studio Community 2015 IDE including the pre-installed Click2Cloud DevOps Solution for RedHat OpenShift 3 PaaS and Docker Engine. It has a 30 days Free Trial on Azure where you have to simply register with your valid email id from Click2Cloud menu available on Visual Studio IDE.

Click2Cloud DevOps Solution for for RedHat OpenShift and Docker; allows developers to build, manage and deploy containerized .NET and lot more other applications straight from Visual Studio IDE to RedHat OpenShift 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform. With Docker Tooling, you can also connect, build, deploy, manage containers and images right from Visual Studio IDE.

For more details, you can mail us at or contact at +1 (425) 749-7495 and +1 (425) 748-9666. You can also visit our website to get insight of tools and FAQs .

Watch our YouTube Playlist to see how easy it is to develop and deploy application on Cloud and on Docker using our DevOps Solution from Visual Studio IDE on Azure

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