Check Point R80 Security Management

게시자: Check Point

One Platform, One Policy - a single platform manages the entire IT infrastructure - from the data center to private/public cloud deployments - for security efficiency and consistency.

Layered Policy - Policy can be segmented into layers for seamless network segmentation. Policy layers can be delegated to, and managed by different administrators. Tasks can be automated by policy layer, providing better control over processes.

Extensible, Scalable Platform - Trusted integrations: The R80 API makes it easy to integrate securely with orchestration, change management and ticketing systems.

Note: The credentials you provide when creating the instance will be associated with the user 'admin'.

This solution template deploys a single Check Point Security Management Server with a single network interface. After the solution template is deployed, the VM will automatically run the first time wizard. You can monitor the progress of the first time wizard by logging into the VM and running: tail -f /var/log/cloud-user-data If you have deployed the VM using an SSH public key, you should set the Management administrator password through the WebUI (Maintenance -> Management Administrator) or using SSH (cpconfig).

버전: 1.0.2