게시자: Boardwalktech
Boardwalk is a cell-based data management system which connects multiple data environments across devices ranging from desktops, mobile, and web environments. With Boardwalk, you can work with large data sets in the cloud and make use of the power of spreadsheet applications by bringing useful data slices to the spreadsheet application with secure access control. Further, Boardwalk automates spreadsheet data and file consolidation, eliminates email exchanges, and provides access control and an audit trail for cell-level data. Boardwalk provides Excel spreadsheet collaboration and consolidation, Excel spreadsheet integration with external systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce (SFDC), Microsoft Dynamics, JDA, Hyperion, Demantra, Steelwedge, MetricStream, and other enterprise applications. Boardwalk allows creation of enterprise spreadsheet applications like S&OP, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), demand planning, supplier/distributor management, promotions, pricing, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), and other applications.

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