Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager with WAF

게시자: Brocade Communications Systems

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (Brocade vTM) is a Layer 7 application delivery controller designed to deliver a faster, high performance user experience. Highly portable, Brocade vTM is ideal for hybrid environments, moving with your application as required.

Brocade vTM processes application traffic with full payload inspection and streaming. Optimization techniques can be applied so requests are presented in the most suitable manner to back-end servers. Responses can be compressed, cached and returned to the client at optimum speed, freeing up server resources. TrafficScript software controls how requests are optimized, routed and transformed.

Brocade Virtual Web Application Firewall (Brocade vWAF) adds a strong, scalable security perimeter around applications and third-party frameworks to guard against vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. It analyzes requests against the ruleset assigned to the application and decides whether to pass it or reject it. It monitors outgoing responses so sensitive information can be filtered out to ensure that data leakage is captured. The behaviour of the application and traffic patterns can be monitored to aid policy development.

All but the simplest applications benefit from the use of a load balancer. Brocade vTM offers so much more than load balancing as it provides granular control of in-bound and out-bound traffic via a range of sophisticated layer 7 features. Brocade vWAF is used by many organisations both large and small to protect customer and company data, scaling up to meet the traffic flow created by even the most popular applications and websites. Deploying a WAF can also help organisations with PCI-DSS compliance – check out the links below for Product Data Sheets, User Communities and information on Brocades partnership with Azure. There is also a handy Licensing Guide and a detailed 'Getting Started' Guide to help with deployment and configuration.

버전: 1.0.9