BIC Monitor

게시자: Arvato Systems

BIC Monitor is the performance measurement module inside the BIC Platform.

This Web- and Java based monitoring and reporting tool can be used to measure KPIs, notify user by reaching value limits and show the KPI measurements in charts, tachos and tables.

This visualisations can be grouped in dashboards to allow the drill-down and provide filter. For more Information visit or contact our sales department.

The minimum Virtual Machine is A2 but we recommend to use the Virtual Machine A4 or better.

After VM Setup you can access the BIC Monitor Application under the URL http://[VM-Image-Public-IP]/bic/

Please use one of the five availabe Demo User-Accounts for access:

  • Username: BICDemo1 Password: demo1
  • Username: BICDemo2 Password: demo2
  • Username: BICDemo3 Password: demo3
  • Username: BICDemo4 Password: demo4
  • Username: BICDemo5 Password: demo5

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