GenomePilot - NGS Analysis Simplified

게시자: Appistry
GenomePilot™ enables any researcher to define and execute complex NGS analysis processes using an intuitive, browser-based interface.

Point and click to select which best-practice processes to run on your datasets—no scripting required. GenomePilot will enable your team to turn raw sequencing data into relevant variants and help your lab

  • Reduce implementation and overhead
  • Streamline the entire analysis process
  • Maximize use of sequencing instrumentation
  • Deliver high quality, more accurate results

Key Features

  • Diversified analysis toolset containing industry standard tools in ready-to-use, pre-validated processes.
  • Ready-to-use analyses include processes for alignment, quality control, single sample, tumor normal, and tumor-unmatched normal.
  • Easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly create, change parameters, and execute a process through guided prompts without scripting or command lines.
  • End-to-end analysis enables users to get data off the sequencer and determine causal variants without having to monitor your analysis at every step.
  • Multi-job processing maximizes performance and speeds analysis.
  • Real time monitoring and controls with built in tracking and auditing of all runs and data used, which is critical for CLIA certification.

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