NCache Professional 4.6 SP1

게시자: Alachisoft

NCache is a high performance object caching solution for mission critical .NET & Java applications with real-time data access needs. Whether you need to cache once & read multiple times (reference) or update data as frequently as you're reading it (transactional) NCache is your app's in memory data store of choice.

Key features of NCache are:

  • Blazing speed
  • Automatic redistribution of data
  • Add/remove nodes seamlessly
  • Developed in C#. Fully integrated with the .NET stack including Entity Framework, NHibernate, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, WCF, MVC, Visual Studio
  • Windows 2012 R2 certified
  • Server side code for read-through, write-through, write-behind, cache loader, custom dependency, MapReduce & more
  • Bulk operations, compact serialization 10X faster than Redis serialization
  • Full range of topologies including Sync & Async Partitioned Replica cache
  • GUI based configuration, administration & monitoring tools
  • NCache is also available in the most feature rich Enterprise Edition. See the Professional vs Enterprise feature comparison here.

    NCache in the cloud includes FREE client licenses. You can download NCache Cloud Client here. (NCache Client not necessary if both NCache server & application server are on the same machine/VM).

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