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ADAM Software is a leader in empowering enterprises to manage digital assets (DAM) and product information (PCM). Our Smart Content Hub(TM) is used by global brands to create, manage and distribute content for world class omnichannel customer experiences. Our customers include LEGO, IKEA, adidas, Philips, Home Depot, Mary Kay and Luxottica/Oakley among others.


  • Manage global and localized digital assets from ideation to consumption
  • Advanced metadata and taxonomy
  • Role-based permissions control individual, user and group level access to content
  • File agnostic – support for all file types and formats
  • Open architecture and REST API allows integration with 3rd party solutions (ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.)
  • Ability to manage product data including technical specifications
  • Easy access to creative assets through Elastic Search
  • Advanced Business Process Management
  • Integrated collaborative review

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