Discovery Center Azure Starter

게시자: Active Navigation

Active Navigation Discovery Center has been designed from the very beginning with the digital landfill in mind – specifically focused on providing practical capabilities for the handling and triage of unstructured information in bulk that can be pragmatically applied in real world situations based upon a consistent methodology. This approach and our unique focus lies at the heart of what makes Active Navigation different and sets our solutions apart from the crowd.

Whatever the drivers for your information governance program – risk, cost, efficiencies or visionary leadership -You cannot progress far without addressing the very real challenges of your chaotic and uncontrolled unstructured data.

From discovery of large out-of-control files shares, SharePoint environments, Exchange or Office365 Mailboxes, through to defensible policy-driven deletion and triage of ROT™ and duplicated content, or the bulk-restructuring and tagging of files for migration to and management of SharePoint. Active Navigation provides a unique end-to-end solution for cloud-based unstructured data governance.

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