A10 Lightning ADC

게시자: A10 Networks
A10 Lightning Application Delivery System (ADS) is a cloud-native solution to optimize the delivery and security of cloud-native applications and services. It provides key application services including traffic management with advanced elastic load balancing, application security and analytics for applications on public, private and hybrid clouds. It is purpose-built for containers and micro-services based application architectures and elegantly integrates with DevOps processes. Its software-defined architecture includes lightweight ADCs (LADCs) that provide advanced load balancing and Layer 7 web security. A multi-tenant controller that provides centralized policy management with self-previsioning, per-application analytics and orchestrates the LADCs to deliver an elastic, cloud-native solution. The controller is available as a SaaS from the A10 Cloud. For organizations embracing cloud and agility, A10 Lightning ADS, increases operational efficiency and reduces risk. It allows IT infrastructure teams to empower application teams with a self-service model enhancing agility, while providing per-application visibility and insights. Its multi-cloud capability and aggregate consumption-based pricing model increases deployment flexibility and lowers cost.

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