Visual Studio 2017 출시 및 20주년 기념 이벤트

Azure 업데이트

Migrating to Azure SQL Database with zero downtime for read-only workloads

2 20 – Microsoft uses an internally written service called MSAsset to manage all Microsoft data center hardware around the world. MSAsset is used for tracking Microsoft’s servers, switches, storage devices, and cables across the company and requires 24/7 availability to accommodate break-fix requirements.

Spring Security Azure AD: Wire up enterprise grade authentication and authorization

2 20 – We are pleased to announce that Azure Active Directory is integrated with Spring Security to secure your Java web applications.

Cray in Azure for weather forecasting

2 20 – When we announced our partnership with Cray, it was very exciting news. I received my undergraduate degree in meteorology, so my mind immediately went to how this could be a benefit to weather forecasting.

Azure Container Instances: February updates

2 20 – Recent updates for Azure Container Instances include DNS name label support, streaming logs, and setting restart policies.

Last week in Azure: Azure SDK for Go GA, and more

2 19 – Last week in Azure, the Azure SDK for GA became generally available, Microsoft Build registration opened, we announced Microsoft Startups with up to $120,000 in free Azure credits, and more.

초대: Visual Studio 2017 출시 이벤트 및 20주년 기념

2 9 – 오늘 Visual Studio가 출시된 지 20년이 되어 20주년을 기념하게 되니 자랑스럽기도 하고 겸손해지기도 합니다! 이 대단한 날을 맞아 3월 7일에 Visual Studio 2017이 출시된다는 소식도 알려드립니다.

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