Visual Studio 2017 출시 및 20주년 기념 이벤트

Azure 업데이트

Azure Sphere update 19.11 is now available via retail feed

12 6 – The Azure Sphere preview, OS version 19.11, is now available via the retail feed. This release includes a quality release of the OS along with two new features for application development—an SDK for Linux and a Visual Studio Code extension.

Use GitHub Actions to trigger a run in Azure Pipelines

12 6 – GitHub Actions for Azure Pipelines is now available in the sprint 161 update of Azure DevOps. Use GitHub Actions to trigger an Azure Pipelines run directly from your GitHub Actions workflow.

Custom Translator—November 2019 improvements and language models update

12 6 – Here are the updates on Microsoft Custom Translator bug fixes, improvements, and new/refreshed models for November 2019.

Microsoft has validated the Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge server for Azure Stack HCI

12 5 – Microsoft and Lenovo have teamed up to validate the Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 for Microsoft's Azure Stack HCI program. The ThinkSystem SE350 was designed and built with the unique requirements of edge servers in mind. It is versatile enough to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options and can be easily managed with Lenovo XClarity Controller. The ThinkSystem SE350 solution has a focus on smart connectivity, business security, and manageability for the harsh environment. To see all Lenovo servers validated for Azure Stack HCI, see the Azure Stack HCI catalog to learn more.

Azure API Management Consumption tier is now available in 13 new regions

12 5 – Azure API Management Consumption tier is now available in 13 more regions (19 in total).

초대: Visual Studio 2017 출시 이벤트 및 20주년 기념

2 9 – 오늘 Visual Studio가 출시된 지 20년이 되어 20주년을 기념하게 되니 자랑스럽기도 하고 겸손해지기도 합니다! 이 대단한 날을 맞아 3월 7일에 Visual Studio 2017이 출시된다는 소식도 알려드립니다.

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